Announcing Player 4.3 and PlayHouse 4.3

By Wayne Hewitt on Apr 18 in Software.

Player 4.3 and PlayHouse 4.3 are now available for all customers. The highlights include:

  • A new download of paleogeography from the Neftex Exploration Insights allows direct extract of selected GDE sequence intervals within a study area. Also included is a GDE stacker to intelligently combine GDE sequence intervals for reservoir, seal and charge to seamlessly create CRS maps.
  • New confidence, criteria and comments for well evaluations. The Wells dialog now includes the ability to set the criteria for reservoir, seal, trap and charge quadrants of the post-drill evaluation; to specify a confidence level and record a comment for each element.
  • QwiEval updates include:
    • Quality improvements to QwikVol stochastic calculator.
    • A new GRV direct input method to QwikVol screening volume calculator.
    • Added support for metric and imperial display units in the Prospects dialog

The PlayHouse 4.3 release includes:

  • Simpler installation through a Windows MSI
  • Security for teams and individuals
  • Ability to display risk elements maps by age in the PlayHouse website

Wayne Hewitt