Archiving Player and PlayPen projects- Preserve and Retrieve your valuable information…

PlayHouse is our Player and PlayPen archiving solution. It is our intranet library and multi project viewing interface which is specific to each company and will prevent valuable work from being lost or duplicated. Player or PlayPen projects can be uploaded to PlayHouse with a single click and ALL the data (including our docs library ppts for wells, fields and prospects) is uploaded allowing most data to be viewed directly from PlayHouse. For long lived projects we recommend that different versions are uploaded as work is completed, in this way PlayHouse is also our version control library.

Below is what the main screen looks like and in this case there are 6 projects loaded…


If a user wants to download a project (or an earlier version of a current project) then with a single click a working Player or PlayPen project can be downloaded. If it’s an older project that needs refreshing we have a simple process of adding the new wells and pools (typically from IHS portal) and then the user can evaluate and update the post well analysis data, the play maps and the prospects to efficiently update the project. In this way data and corporate knowledge is never lost.

In the example below if a user clicks on a project then the data contained in that project is summarized and details can be viewed. In this case there are 144 exploration wells in the project and the user can click on the well listing to get more data and look at the analyses.


In addition to viewing uploaded data and images the user can also slice through play map data using the age slicer as shown below, the display options are selected and the map data is displayed.


With the age slicer all of the projects in an area will display for the selected age so that continuity of the evaluations between projects can be seen even if the play intervals are different intervals (as in the CGG Robertson’s Tellus product). An example below is shown for a play across three different but real projects along the NW Shelf of Australia.


PlayHouse has limited interactive functionality today but our users are already asking us for the ability to edit and analyse multiproject data, if our user group process supports this development then we will build these tools in the future.

PlayHouse is the future for archiving solutions.  Larger companies with multiple offices around the world will be able to view and download from a common database plus we can customize the display of project data to match seniority/confidentiality of the users on your system ie. your SVP will be able to see every project globally but a contractor in a outlying office will only see the local project he or she is working on.

Exports and links to other products:

In response to our customers’ feedback and requirements we have partnerships with various other products and have or are building links that enable easy import and export of data.  As an example, we can now directly load IHS data into a Player project to start the project building process. We also have a working Petrel plug-in, developed at our customers’ request, that can export the shows and well failure data into Petrel projects. In 2017, we will be releasing a new module in Player which will easily import Neftex paleogeographic data into Player projects. By mid 2017 we will also release links that will connect Player to the Woodmac/CGG EV2 valuation product.

Contact us if you would like to know more about this or any other functionality.