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Training Options offered by GIS-PAX

We offer a comprehensive suite of training options for our customers including Play based exploration training, Geological training for building play maps in Player and GIS training for support and technical staff.


Play Based Exploration Courses (Theory)

Regarding play based exploration theoretical training we recommend the comprehensive 3 day course offered by Rose & Associates, presented by Jeff Brown. This is the best in class overview for all explorers and managers in any exploration company – it sets out the rationale as to ‘why and how’ to do play based exploration so that everyone has a common understanding and language.  It starts with coloured pencils and tracing paper, which was and still is, the best way for explorers to start any play evaluation.  Please see more information and Jeff Brown’s industry bio under ‘Consultancy Services’.

Another option, conducted by Rose, is a joint 4 day course of the same material but with some introductory exposure to Player included.  Rose recognizes the unique offerings of Player and as such independently recommend our software to their customers for Play based exploration evaluations.


GIS-PAX Player and PlayPen Courses

Geological training courses

Introductory:  Our basic course focusses on the foundation elements of building play maps in Player. This is a 2-3 day course structure depending on the seniority level of the users. This course can be open attendance, (people from various companies) with open file data and example projects, or an in-house course (for internal company people only) using a companies’ proprietary data.  Using real data is preferable as students are more interested and the work is relevant to a current company evaluation.  The work on these evaluations can easily continue when the training is complete.

Advanced:  The advanced course is for 1+ year experienced Player users who want to learn how to drive the higher prospect/portfolio tools. This is normally a 1 day course.




GIS Training

Geologists:  For geologists who are not familiar with GIS, we offer specific 1 day GIS training to help users understand and drive the software. This is much more of a hands-on button pressing course and we expect attendees to already understand Play Based Exploration theory.  Specifically they must understand more than traffic light maps since this is the start of the theory- not the end.

Support Technicians:  We offer project building/GIS training courses for support technicians who typically are building and supporting the geologists in the evaluation teams. This is a 1 day course. 

In-House Customized Company training

We can deliver a customized training solution for your company if you want us to blend your internal processes and documents with our material. For an in-house course we prefer to teach students on a real company evaluation so that work can easily continue when the training is complete.  This is normally done as part of a Player software roll-out process for larger companies. However, we regularly do 2-3 day courses and in-house company specific training whenever a company changes their focus area or would like to refresh the play analysis skills of their exploration teams.

Open Global training

When supported by our customers in various regions we offer open training for all clients to attend.  These courses can be hosted by customers or in public venues as is the case for our annual training in Perth.  In the past we have held open training in every region including Houston, London and Singapore.

If you have any questions regarding any of our training options or would like to book some training courses for yourself or your company- please contact us.