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GIS-PAX is a private company based in Australia that has built and specializes in play analysis software for both the conventional and unconventional global oil and gas E&P industry. Our software was created from the ground up encorporating 60+ years of global geological exploration expertise and GIS E&P company experience. 

Our products have become the gold standard tools for Play Analysis in the upstream oil and gas industry today.  Our client list is comprised of 30+ international E&P companies from small independents to global supermajors that are actively exploring almost every basin on the planet.

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Our first software license was sold in 2010 and we continue to pursue an aggressive development program with a team of developers working on cutting edge and client requested enhancements which continually update and enhance our product offering.

 Our current product suite is built around three central concepts:

  1. Our products should be accessible and used by geologists in working evaluation teams not specialists in isolation.
  2. There is no “correct” way to do play analysis – we work with your senior geologists to customize a qualitative or quantitative solution that is right for you, your history, and your challenges to get a solution that matches your business needs and budget.
  3. We do not believe any software in isolation will find you oil and gas.  It takes good people, sufficient resources, quality knowledge, databases, time and critical focus to deliver material discoveries.