Project Lifecycle » GIS-PAX

Our customers typically have historical maps, evaluations, spreadsheets and databases that we import into a new project that is built around well, field and block data from IHS or Woodmac subscription data. This build process has been streamlined in the case of IHS data so that user defined play divisions loaded with IHS pool data can be made into a project in less than 30 minutes.

Building Projects

We make play evaluations for many reasons – the main one is to show spatially where the best remaining potential remains for a play using well established play mapping techniques. The other main analysis that is delivered is a calibration of success rates and volumes which is done to estimate or calibrate expected or known/mapped prospects within the play…

Analysing Projects

PlayHouse is our Player and PlayPen archiving solution. It is our intranet library and multi project viewing interface which is specific to each company and will prevent valuable work from being lost or duplicated. PlayPen or PlayHouse projects can be uploaded to PlayHouse with a single click and ALL the data (including our docs library ppts for wells, fields and prospects) is uploaded and most data can be viewed from PlayHouse. For long lived projects we recommend that different versions are uploaded as work is completed, in this way PlayHouse is also our version control library.

Archiving Projects