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Our Product Suite

GIS-PAX has developed a ‘family’ of software products that merge functionality and ease with the technical complexity and evaluation requirements of global exploration and production companies.

playerlogomed Player is a non-specialist ArcGIS extension that helps exploration geologists collate and understand the exploration potential of individual or groups of plays in a basin/project area so that day to day portfolio and new business decisions can be made efficiently.  Player is used in conventional and simple unconventional evaluations. It can produce portfolio views including maps of risked volumes and values by play and block/license area.
playpenlogomed PlayPen is our unconventional mapping tool and is a subset of Player with specific objectives.  It is a series of grid/raster tools that perform key analysis functions together with a workflow interface that can link grids, polygons and other data using ArcGIS toolbox functions.
playhouselogomed PlayHouse is our intranet library and multi project viewing interface.  This is an internal company solution which allows all Player/PlayPen projects (globally) to be archived, viewed, and recovered so that valuable work is not lost or duplicated.

The GIS-PAX software uses 3rd party data inputs and company information such as discovery volumes and well failure analyses to produce valuable outputs such as success rates, sweetspot maps and block rankings by value.  This information can be further analysed by Player, archived into PlayHouse or exported to other programs like Petrel.

GIS Pax prodcut suite includes player playpen playhouse

Player PlayPen PlayHouse