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What is PlayTrader? Get a head start on Player evaluations, be strategic in new basin and country entry decision making…

PlayTrader Logo PlayTrader is ‘game-changer’ in exploration and will change the way that companies resource and evaluate new basins & plan for new country entries.
This concept, on a global level, can leverage previous technical evaluations and data to give companies a head start so that as an industry we are not repeating past work but maximising the benefit and availability of internal resources leading to quicker and more efficient decision making.

PlayTrader is a GIS-pax concept where companies with the same vendor datasets that have been made into derivative Player projects (with no additional confidential or company data proprietary data added) can be onsold to other companies who have also licenced the same vendor datasets. At no time does GIS-pax own or have access rights to the IP of the vendor datasets – the work is simply done under the consulting provisions for each vendor datasets specifically for each company.