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What is PlayStarter? Player Projects ‘Started’ for you…

playerlogomed All companies and exploration teams are short on people resources and time to systematically complete regional evaluations and rank areas of interest for license rounds.

Geologists should focus on full integrated PBE evaluations and not Data QC.

Typically the challenge within companies is that companies subscribe to expensive third party products but limited resources mean they are not extracting full value from these significant investments.

  • We are now offering a service to integrate whatever third party data you have into a Player project…
    • This will NOT cover proprietary data which will be added by company specialists after the project has been delivered to the customer

The evaluation of this integrated product by company geologists will ensure they can focus their limited resources on the inclusion of proprietary data and spend more time on the evaluation of the data rather than initial integration of the datasets and building projects. All proprietary data and subsequent prospect and value analyses will then be automatically within a robust regional context.

This frees up resources to focus on the key high value evaluation details and maximises the usage of your expensive subscription datasets.

Please contact us for a quote on PlayStarter services. This is based on either a day rate or a fixed project price depending on scope.

Please click on this link for more information on PlayStarter.