Qwikeval Newsletter

By Wayne Hewitt on Oct 25 in News.

What is QwikEval?  A spatial volumetric tool…

GIS-pax is excited to release our QwikEval Spatial Suite, a fully stochastic prospect volumetric toolset within the ArcGIS® software by Esri.

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QwikEval is a simple-to-use tool with sophisticated functionality to capture all of your prospect evaluations and visualize inputs and outputs on a map. QwikEval provides the opportunity to:

  • View your entire regional or global portfolio (by volume or value) with a geographic, block, play or stratigraphic basis, on your map;
  • View your full portfolio in an evaluation maturity funnel;
  • View input data such as porosity and net-to-gross from different evaluations on your map, against known well and field data;
  • Capture and populate multiple prospect evaluation datasets extremely quickly and efficiently. Capture risk and volume data for over 20 prospects in the time it takes to do 1 or 2 evaluations in competitor software;
  • Select volumetric assessment methodologies depending on level of detail needed; scouting level vs areal yield vs fully stochastic evaluation types;
  • Calculate commercial and stochastic screening economics for prospects and targets and estimate the oil price at which your prospect is economic;
  • Easily aggregate prospect volumes for a block/portfolio or a drill sequence (2022 upgrade).

QwikEval is easy-to-use and has a highly competitive price. Qwikeval is already available to all of our existing clients, as a subset of Player functionality.

For existing Player users, please contact our support team to upgrade your Player licence to enable this new functionality; helpdesk@gis-pax.com

Wayne Hewitt