GIS Packages for Exploration Success

Our client base includes the full spectrum of oil and gas companies actively exploring almost every basin globally, from small independents to global super majors. Player is also being used by multiple Geological surveys, Government organizations and Regulatory bodies to quantify and promote their exploration potential as well as planning and promotion ahead of new License Rounds.

Our new montecarlo stochastic volumetric prospect tool ‘QwikEval Spatial’ is a fast and very efficient way to collect, analyse and screen your entire portfolio of prospects. Our prospect resource funnel will help visualize and progress your evaluation all the way through to the final drilling sequence where we can work synergistically with any tool used for final drilling decisions. With over 30+ international E&P companies and NOC’s using our products today see how QwikEval Spatial together with our flagship PBE product Player have fast become the gold standard tool for Play & volumetric analysis in the upstream oil and gas industry today.


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Want to see all your prospects on a map?

Our new QwikEval Suite is a spatially aware suite of volumetric tools designed to ensure any level of opportunity maturity can be captured, evaluated, and included in your portfolio. Our suite of tools in ArcGIS are UNIQUE to the industry and have been tested and verified against all other volumetric products on the market today!

What is Qwikeval?

ArcMap and ArcGis Pro player project playbase exploration


Gold-standard Play-based Exploration

The Player process collects and preserves your data and corporate knowledge, the play maps are meant to be an evolving process that is ‘evergreen’ and can be updated based on new information or changing business needs.

What is Player?

player project intranet storage and archiving solution library


Intranet Storage & Archive Library

Playhouse is our company intranet library and viewing interface for Player projects. Player or Playpen projects are stored and archived in PlayHouse and can be uploaded with a single-click providing a project summary and global snapshot.

What is PlayHouse?


Play and Prospect Analysis

‘Where is the Next Opportunity?’

Player helps you identify the right prospect, in the right play, in the right basin at the right time…

As an industry we make better evaluations and decisions when the prospect is evaluated in its full regional context rather than the evaluation being done in relative isolation – typically on a local dataset. Player is designed to help companies link their regional studies to their prospect evaluations.


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Client access training videos

We now have a complete library of over 8 hours of comprehensive videos on the entire Player workflow & project building. Simply log in and access any topic; the videos are all indexed allowing you to watch the entire video or go to a specific topic of interest.

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